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S.No Name Designation Phone (O) Phone (R) Mobile E-Mail
1. Dr. (Smt.) Vinita Pandey I/c Central Library - - 9926865060,9406713221
2. Mr. Pradeep Dixit Asstt. Librarian - - 8349497452
3. Smt. Saroj Kuswaha Asstt. Grade-I - - 9424659558
4. Shri K.S.Dhurve Asstt. Grade-II - - 7697413608
5. Shri Gouri Shanker Asstt. Grade-III - - 9301319018
6. Shri Rakesh Malbiya Asstt. Grade-III - - 9685271749
7. Miss Supriya Gupta FEO - - 8827693428
8. Shri Ravi Shanker Dubey Peon - - 9993783067
9. Shri Ram Lal TSL - - 9691343363
10. Shri Laloo Lal TSL - - 9302480687 -
11. Shri Pratap Tembhre Permanent worker (skilled) - - 7566058520 -
  • Richard Steel once said, “reading is to mind what exercise is to body”. Library and reading go hand in hand. Welcome to Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya, Central Library, a home of one of the largest and richest collection of learning resources in the country on agriculture and allied sciences. The Central Library, JNKVV, housed in a very spacious building is located at Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh India. The Central Library came into existence during the year 1965 and since then from its initial collection of 10000 volumes of books and periodicals, it has now grown to +84000 volumes. Faculty, staff, Students and staff of the University can become the members of the Library, whereas outsiders who come with the introductory letters from their institutions/ ID card are permitted for consultation. The Central Library works on the open access system. The printed materials of the library are classified according to Dewey decimal classification.


  • Develop a library of International Standard
  • Act as a biggest hub of information for agricultural and allied fields
  • Provide library and information services to its members/users
  • Build up a repository of information on subjects mandatory to JNKVV
  • Develop a computerized database of agriculture and forestry
  • Act as a platform for information collection and dissemination
  • Creation of digital and virtual library
  • To create excellence in information management services

Collection in the Central Library

Books viz text books and book bank 60000
Back volumes / Periodicals 16000
Theses 8000
On-line Journals (CERA) 2300
DVD/CD's & Audio Visual Materials +100

Working Hours

The working hours of Central Library are :
S.No. Section/Service Timings
1 Book Section & Reading Room  10.00 am to 6.00 pm
2 Reference Section 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
3 Consultation with staff 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
4 Photocopying service 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
5 Lunch hours 1.00 pm to 1.30 pm

Internet Services are being provided in the computer lab of the reference section for the faculty and research students of JNKVV. The central library of JNKVV has one of the most modern information technology infrastructure.High speed internet connectivity of (1.00 Gbps) is being provided to the users. CERA facility and free electronics journals are also made available to the users. Practical demonstration of computerized activities to the user and visitors to the library are also provided. Computerized information services using the electronic documents, scanned material and from digital resources are also given to the users.

Following DVD/CD-ROM Databases are available in the library

  • CABI CDROM 1972 – 2008
  • CABPEST 1972 - 2004
  • HORTI CDROM 1972 – 2000
  • AGRIS CDROM 1972 – 2004
  • AGRIECON 1999 – 2006
  • CROPCD 1972 – 2004
  • SOILCD 1972 – 2004
  • AGRICOLA 1972 -2007
  • PLANTGENE 1972 – 2000
  • VETCD 1973 - 2008

The Central Lirary Provides following Services to it's Users

Library membership
  • The Central Library membership is open to Faculty, Students, Non-teaching Staff of the University only.
  • Every member is issued reader tickets.

Circulation & Readers Services

  • Issue/Return/Renewal of Books and reference material
  • Reference/Enquiry Service

Computer, Internet and other Information Services

  • Internet browsing
  • Reference/literature searching
  • Training in accessing e-resources, CERA, OVID and WINSPIRIS
  • DVD/CDROM databases
  • Scanning of documents

Document Delivery Service (DDS) and Reprography Services

  • Users can request for xerox copies of articles / research papers from the print journals available at Central Library.
  • The requesting user will have to follow the copyright regulations.
  • Photocopy/Xerox facility is available outside the library to copy library material.
  • Copy collection hours: after 3.00PM on all working days

User Education

  • About information sources and resources available in the library
  • About how to access the Information through various Information sources and resources
  • Organization of information sources in the Library.
  • About abstracting and indexing journals and also about secondary, tertiary sources of information i.e., cross references, monographs, manuals, policy papers survey reports dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographies etc.
  • Abstracting and Indexing journals and also tertiary sources of information i.e., Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Bibliographies etc.
  • About how to access desired information through e-journals, DVD/CD-ROM, Internet and from online journals Online filling of forms

Library Memberships & Guidelines

  • The library is primarily open for membership for the faculty, staff, scientists, research scholars, students, and non-teaching employees of the University.
  • The privilege of borrowing books, reference material from the library is restricted to University community only
  • On request, outsiders (Students, Faculty, Research scholars of other Universities) are also permitted to use library facilities. Outsiders should bring letter from concerned authorities of their host institutions. The librarian reserves the right to permit or not to permit outsiders into the library.

About Library Cards

  • A book will only be issued on production of valid library card/ticket issued by library.
  • The library card is not transferable.
  • Please provide you complete permanent and current resident address along with mobile and landline phone number.
  • Please provide you used email address.
  • Please do not borrow and damage or defective book.
  • Borrower is responsible if book is found to be returned in damage condition. Due fine will be imposed.
  • Please return the books/ issued material within speculated period.
  • Journals will not be issued.
  • Reference books, rare books, highly priced books, advances, reviews etc will not be issued.
  • Do not write any thing on issued books.
  • Issued books of the library can be recalled by the librarian at any time.
  • Please use bookmarks and do not fold the corners of book.
  • Fine will be imposed if books are not returned on time (overdue charges).
  • Books from book bank scheme will be issued only on time notified by the library.
  • All members are responsible for their library card. Incase of loss of library card the matter is to be reported to the librarian immediately.
  • A card holder is responsible for misuse of library card.
  • Lost library card will be issued upon payment of Rs 5.00 and only after verification of records.
  • Incase of loss of books 2 times or 4 times the cost of the book is to be paid.
  • 'No Due' certificate will be issued only on returning all books and on returning of all reader/book bank cards

New Initiatives

Development of Competitive Examinations Cell (CEC)

As per the directives of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor a new section known as Competitive Examination Cell has been developed with a initiative to promote students to face competitive exams conducted by various governmental and other agencies. The Competitive Examination Cell is functioning since 2008. Various competitively important reading materials along with multiple choice questions, unsolved papers etc are being provided to students. The Section also helps its members in preparing for NET, JRF/SRF, BANK PO, IAS, PSC, UPSC TOFEL, IELTS & GRE examinations etc.

New Arrivals

New arrived printed materials are displayed in the front racks. A list of newly arrived book are circulated to the head of the departments.

News Paper Clippings

News pertaining to agriculture and to the University and University staff are displayed on the notice board.

Information Centre

All information regarding conferences, seminars, symposia organized in different parts of the country are displayed on the notice board. Information pertaining to important events like exhibitions book fair etc are also displayed for users.

Warning Regarding Photocopying

It is mandatory for the member/user to get himself acquainted with the copyright restrictions for making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. The Central Library reserves the right to refuse or to accept a copying if, in its judgment, such copying involves violation of copyright law of the country.

Contact Address

Dr. Vinita Pandey
I/c Central Library
JNKVV Campus, Jabalpur
Madhya Pradesh India 482004
Fax: 0761-2681608
Exchange: 0761-2681773-323


Krishinagar, Adhartal, Jabalpur
482004 (M.P.) INDIA
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