Consultancy Processing Cell

1. Services For Human Resource Development
I. Training Programmes at University level
II. Sponsored Training Programmes
III. Participation in Training Programmes of other Organisations

2. Consultancy Services
I. On Station
II. General
(1) On-Farm guidance for implementation of project
(2) Evaluation and monitoring of on-going projects
III. Supply of Data/ Technical Information
IV. Preparation of Technical Books
V. Technology Dissemination through Cassettes, CDs and Internet Website

3. Contractual Research Services (ad hoc research projects)
I. Sponsored Projects
A. Evaluation of new products from public and private sector
(a) Evaluation of Products
(b) Evaluation of Products in the Agricultural Engineering
B. Development of Technology

4. Laboratory Services
I. Soil Science Laboratory Services
II. Entomological Laboratory Services
III. Seed Quality, Purity and Disease Testing Services
IV. Department of Plant Physiology Laboratory Services
V. Department of Food Science & Technology Laboratory Services:
VI. Department of Plant Pathological Laboratory Services
VII. Biotechnology Centre Laboratory services
VIII. Agricultural Engineering Workshop Services
IX. Instrumentation Services