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Sushma Nema

Dr. Sushma Nema

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Agricultural biotechnology is only one among many factors influencing the health and welfare of farmers and other citizens in the less developed world. In perspectives, the Madhya Pradesh Government displayed a strong commitment for the socio-economic development of farmers, tribes and other weaker sections of the society in shortest possible time for exploiting the tremendous potential of biotechnology. Under the State Biotechnology Policy formulated in 2002-03, the Centre for Biotechnology (BTC) was established in 2003 for education, training and research under the auspices of the Madhya Pradesh State Agriculture Cooperative Board, Bhopal Mandi CESS fund by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. Later, in 2009 with the separation of Madhya Pradesh Pashu Chikitsa Vigyan Vishwavidyalaya (MPPCV) from JNKVV, an Animal Biotechnology Centre, constituting half of the BTC was established vide Madhya Pradesh Rajpatra under Act 44(1). Designed to be a Centre of excellence in agricultural biotechnology, BTC aims to be a platform for innovation, enterprise and human resource development. Association with national and international organizations facilitates BTC to provide world class education, conduct quality research and foster global connectivity and cooperation.

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