Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwavidyalaya
Directorate of Instrumentation

Er. Bharati Dass 

Director Instrumentation
Phone: 0761-2680399 (O)
Mobile: 9425833946
E-mail: bharatidass@jnkvv.org

The Instrument Development & service Centre, at the JNKVV Jabalpur is established in the year 1966. Instrumentation systems, consisting of precision modules mostly of electronic and electrical nature, have become an integral part of research in agricultural sciences. Work involved in the research projects has enormously increased and as such the conventional non – instrumental methods are inadequate to cope up with the work. New techniques are being adopted which necessitate application of sophisticated instrumentation systems facilitating instantaneous measurements of parameters at multi-points, remote indication, and automatic built- in protections, etc.

On many occasions, the instrumentation system required in research projects is not readily available. These systems could be designed and constructed, following the modular approach to meet the specific requirements of the research projects.

The precision instruments, already in use, need constant servicing and checking for their calibration if they are to serve reliably in research projects. In the absence of proper servicing and maintenance facilities, a large no of broken instruments goes on accumulating as new instruments are purchased as replacement. The service and maintenance thus form important aspect of instrumentation

The services of the Centre are availed by all departments of Vishwa Vidyalaya including its outlying campii. Some departments of the State Government are also utilizing services of the centre. Amongst others, the centre has rendered valuable services to the Soil-Testing Laboratories of the State Government by providing maintenance services.