Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwavidyalaya


The instrumentation centre have become an integral part of Teaching, Research, and Extension in Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering and allied fields. New Techniques and instruments are being adapted in day to day agricultural work. The modifications in the existing systems to meet the requirement of specific measurements are also carried out.


The Mandate of this centre are Servicing & Maintenance of Instruments, Design & development of Agri-electronic systems and Software, Teaching to the UG, PG and PhD students and to conduct training program to the technical and scientific staff.

Microprocessor Application Engineering Programme (MAEP):

The centre has been assigned a program for Awareness Creation on Application of Microprocessor based Electronics in Agriculture by Department of Electronics, Government of India, in 1985. This project was supported by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in terms of equipment, training, fellowship and international experts. The Project was in operation till 1995. Various equipments were developed in the project such as:

  • Soil Nutrient Estimation System
  • Grain Moisture Measurement System
  • Microcontroller Based Rice Polish Measurement System
  • PC based Safe Grain Storage System
  • Seed Drill Choke Indicator for Tractor Driven Seed Drills
  • Soil Moisture Indication System
  • Fertiliser Testing Kit
  • Crop-Water Stress Measuring System
  • Fertiliser Recommendation Software

The technologies of some of the instruments were transferred to industries for large scale production.

Application of Electronics in Agriculture and Environment for development of India and an empowered society.