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Plant pathology
Dr Jayant Bhatt

Dr. Jayant Bhatt

Professor & Head
Department of Plant Pathology
College of Agriculture, JNKVV., Jabalpur
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Department of Plant Pathology

Plant PathologyDepartment of Plant Pathology, Jabalpur came into existence with the establishment of the university in October 1964. The subject was taught   in all the constituent colleges with M.Sc (Ag) in Plant Pathology at Jabalpur, Gwalior (RSKVV, Gwalior) then at Sehore, Rewa and Tikamgarh. The teaching at B.Sc.(Ag) level being imparted at College of Agriculture Tikamgarh and Ganj Basoda besides above colleges.  The Department engaged itself in all the three core activities of teaching, research and extension, which constitute the integrated system of education. The Department has built up expertise in different areas of Plant Pathology (Fungal taxonomy, Cereal Pathology, Pulse Pathology, Millet Pathology, Seed Pathology, Fungicides, Biological  Control, Mushroom Cultivation, Cash crops: Ginger, Sugarcane, Betelvine and Nematode Problems under an umbrella of founder veteran scientists (Late) Dr. A.C. Jain, (Late) Dr. J.N. Chand, (Late) ,Dr. L.K. Joshi, Dr. K.G. Nema, (Late), Dr. M.N. Khare, Dr. G.S. Dave (Late) and Dr. M.L.Nayak, who worked for building up of the corridor with faith and total dedication and became prominent pillars. Plant Pathologist of the future who will continue the work towards the construction of this corridor will admire forever.


  • To carry out PG Programe me leading to M.Sc. (Ag) and Ph.D to meet the trained manpower for Agricultural universities, Research Institutes and other developmental programme.
  • To carry out basic and strategic research in the area of Plant Pathology and provide leadership role in teaching and research.
  • To carry out training programmes to impart knowledge, skills and desired orientation who are engaged in teaching research and transfer of technology so as to improve their efficiency and effectiveness


To impart education, research and extension activities effectively for enhancing production, productivity and profitability of agriculture and allied systems in a sustainable manner


The University has developed Vision-2020 Perspective Plan document in the year 1999 to introspect the future needs and challenges of agriculture, keeping in view the natural resource base, burgeoning human population and climate change. It covers present / past achievements and its impact, SWOT analysis, issues and future strategies, providing a framework of programmes for meeting the new goals and to provide best service to the society with special reference to the rural livelihood of the farming community in the State of Madhya Pradesh

Future thrust
  • Advocating bio-control agents against seed/soil/foliar diseases of agricultural and horticultural crops.
  • Exploration and exploitation of organic farming for plant disease management.
  • Disease status of the important medicinal plants.
  • Disease status of identified export crops of the state.
  • Impact of A. besseyi in paddy; M. incognita in vegetables and P. thornei in chickpea under hot spot.
  • Identification of low level population and nematode free areas.
  • Intensification and popularization of Medicinal Mushroom (Genoderma lucidum).