Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwavidyalaya
Farm Machinery and Power Engineering

Farm Machinery Testing, Training and

Demonstration Centre

Department of Farm Machinery and Power Engineering,

College of Agricultural Engineering, JNKVV, Jabalpur, M.P.

  • About centre
  • How to avail testing facility
  • Validity of the Commercial Test reports
  • Testing Charges (FY 2024-25)
  • Visitors of the Center 
  • Time schedule for test completion
  • Standardization of Spefication to be considered under subsidy schemes of DAC , GOI, New Delhi
  • Minimum sample size and guideline for selection of test sample
  • Rules & Regulation
  • A. Application Form  

    Check List for Submission of Application for Commercial Testing of Farm Machinery/ Equipment

    B. Specification Sheet

    (Click on Equipment / Machine for Download)
     S.No Name of Equipment / Machine
      A  Land development, tillage & seedbed preparation equipment (Bullock / Tractor drawn)

    M.B. plough Hydraulic Reversible M.B.plough, Mechanical Reversible MB Plough, Disc Plough, Rotavator, Cultivator, Leveller, Disc harrow, Rotary disc harrow, Blade harrow, Bund former, Subsoiler

    B  Sowing and planting equipment (Manual / Bullock / Tractor operated)

    Seed cum fertilizer drill, Fertilizer broadcaster, Potato Planter