Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwavidyalaya

Sponsored Research Project:-

  • All India Co-ordinate Research Project on Farm Implement & Machinery, (ICAR) (Started at April 1980 )
  • I.E.R.D. (State plan) scheme (started April 1978)
  • Management of Improved Machinery for crop production (Revaluing fund scheme on manufacturing of Farm Implement and Machinery)
  • Rastriya Krishi Vikas Yojana scheme – Development of Farm Equipment and Machinery Testing, Training, and demonstration.   (started at June - 2012)
  • Development of new drainage tillage and sowing method combination for stabilizing soybean yield (Cultivation and Machinery). Technical cooperation by Japan International Agency _ JICA and M.P. Govt. Bhopal) (started April - 2012)


Department is well equipped with following laboratories:-

  • Engineering workshop.
  • Farm Machinery testing laboratory.
  • Farm Power laboratories.
  • Soil Dynamics and tillage traction laboratory.
  • Ergonomic laboratory.


  • To develop a train human resource for different activities related with agricultural Engineering.

A.  Design and development of farm machines:-

  • Jawahar rotavator cum seed drill
  • Jawahar tractor drawn puddler
  • Jawahar tractor drawn till plant machine
  • Jawahar self propelled garlic planter
  • Jawahar weeder
  • Jawahar manual transplanter

B. Transfer of farm machinery technologies:-

  • Rotavator
  • T.D. inclined plate planter
  • T.D. Zero till drill
  • Laser leveler
  • T.D. aero blast sprayer
  • T.D. roto till drill
  • Self propelled power weeder and tractor dram
  • Self propelled vertical conveyer refe
  • Multi crop thresher

Thrust Area

  • Design and Development of Farm Equipments
  • Precision agriculture, Machine Vision, Robotics, Mechatronics
  • Design and Development of Women Friendly Farm Machinery
  • Farm Power
  • Ergonomics
  • Resource conservation and residue management
  • Bio fuels generation and testing
  • Horticultural machinery


S.No. Project Name Nature of project Duration of Project
1. AICRP on Farm Implement and Machinery, ICAR as a Principal Investigator Research 1980 - Cont.
2. Revolving Fund Scheme for Manufacturing of Improved Implements for ICAR as a Principal Investigator Manufacturing 2002 – 2020 cont .
3. Front Line Demonstration of Improved Implements as a Principal Investigator Research 1999 - till date
4. Development of Farm Machinery Testing, Training and demonstration centre at JNKKV, Jabalpur, Govt. of India RKVY Project, as a Principal Investigator. Research 2012 to Till date
5. Direct Seeded Rice Consortium (DSRC), Joint project of JNKVV, Jabalpur and IRRI, Philippines as a PI Research 13-10-2020 -cont
6. MPARI (State Plan) State Plan 1964- till date
7. IERP (State Plan) State Plan 1978 - till date
8. Study on Term Mechanization Strategy for Each Climatic Region of MP. And Chhattisgarh, as a CO-Principal Investigator Research 2002-2004
9. Evaluation of Draft Ability and Related Hysic Biochemical Changes in Malvi and Nimari bullocks of M.P. as a Co-PI. Research 2005-2010
10. NAIP-III Associate Scientist Research 2008-2012
11. MP –JICA Project for Maximization of Soybean Production in Madhya Pradesh, INDIA (Joint project of MP GOVT and Japan Govt.(JICA), Co PI) Research 2012-2016
12. AICRP on Energy Requirement for Agriculture (ERAS) , ICAR, New Delhi Research 1971-2002
13. Implement/ Machinery for research Farm, ICAR, New Delhi Research 1973-1976
14. N.A.T.P. on M.E.P. , ICAR, New Delhi Research 2000-2004
15. Testing of Machinery for Residual Management, ICAR, New Delhi Research 2001-2003
16. I.P.S.A.I.M. (ICAR) Research 1973 -1979


Self Propelled Onion Harvester
(Best cost award (2019), Best Economical Vehicle (2020), Best Design award (2021) by SAE, India)