Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwavidyalaya

Research Activities: On-going projects, completed projects, achievements
The Department of Extension Education, JNKVV being the Lead Centre organized the ICAR Project on National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP) Component – III on “Integrated Farming System Modules to Ensure Sustainable Livelihood Security for the Peasants of Disadvantaged Districts of Madhya Pradesh” from October2008-March 2012.


  • Identify and Demonstrate suitable agro technologies and promote crop diversification.
  • Demonstrate Integrated Farming System Approach, which can be incorporated in existing resource base to improve livelihood of rural poor.
  • Enhance carrying capacity of land and other natural resources.
  • Employment generation and income enhancement through agro-processing, value addition and linkage to credit institution and markets.

Major Interventions of the Project

  • Agriculture intensification through dissemination of improved crop production technology with reference to crops grown in the cluster.
  • Land and water management.
  • Agricultural and allied enterprises development and value addition.
  • NTFP collection processing and marketing.
  • Livestock based enterprises.
  • Marketing infrastructure development and networking.
  • Mechanization of cultivation practices.

Research Achievements/Innovations

  • Demonstration of lac cultivation with 208 farmers and on 13,000 host trees. Yield: - 2-3 Kg. brood per plant & Rs. 3000-3500 earned by per farmer
  • By promotion of soybean variety JS 93-05, JS 97-52 & JS-335 yield increased by 25% (baseline yield: 8-10 q/ha)
  • Introduced new varieties of wheat GW 322, MP 3173 & HI 1418 yield increased by 35% (Baseline Yield 12-13 q/ha)
  • To Promote the Vegetable gardening with 250 farmers got additional Gross income (Rs.7, 500) their limited resources.
  • A. Dairy Breed Improvement: (Artificial Insemination): 605 Animals
    Results -130 cross breed calves (83 female, 47 male) have been born
  • Poultry (Backyard) : 51 farmers adopted new breed Kadaknath for meat and egg purpose with replacing local birds. Increased Average Income Rs. 2296 per farmer
  • Eight (8) stop dams have been completed through which approximately 200 ha. Area will be irrigated and 210 farm families will be benefited. In increased yield 4-5 Q/ha and enhance the ground water and recharging of the open wells and tube wells 3140 Cubic Meters field bunding
  • Market Linkage of Farmers: 550 farmers linked with Farmer Producer Company (FPC) each farmer benefited with Rs. 3000-3500 per year through dividends and doing several agribusiness with the company viz. receiving agro-inputs, collective sale of produce.

Front Line Demonstration: 150
KisanMela/KisanSangoshti: 25
Linkage:Established strong Linkages between various developmental departments andother production functionaries