Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwavidyalaya

Establishment of E-Lab:The Department of Extension Education has established E-Lab for the P.G. students. The lab was inaugurated by Dr. K.D.Kokate Deputy Director General, ICAR New Delhi on Dated 15/06/2010. The students are trained in handling and operating of various ICT Projects through intensive practical training. The students are also given skill based training through computer under ‘e’ Lab of the department.

Class rooms: - All the class rooms of the department are also well equipped with LCD, Lap Top and computer and the teaching is imparted with the help of these electronic equipment’s.

Library: -The department has section library having so many books of recent additions that is beneficial for the students as well as staff members. Research journals are also available for students. The priority is given to keeping library collection up-to-date.

Publication of Journal: The Department has been publishing a research journal since 1998 Entitled Journal of Extension Research under the banner Madhya Society of Extension Education.

Computer lab:A well-established computer lab was established for the students. The lab is very useful for teaching the students of U.G. course (ELP module) entitled “Experiential Learning on Visual & Graphic Communication”. The main objective of the programme is to train the students through experiential learning so that they may be able to identify, select and use the visuals and graphic communication in series or in combination according to the requirement of the subject. The specific objectives are as follows:

  • To make aware of students about technical know-how of different visual and graphic aids.
  • To provide expertise and practical exposure in handling operation of visuals and graphic aids in actual fields condition, and
  • To commercialize the visual and graphic communication aids.

Classroom, Computer lab, E-lab


Participation of faculty in various activities i.e.:

  • The faculty members posted at Jabalpur and other campus participated in different training programmes, winter/summer school training programme, seminars, workshops etc.
  • Department has organized two training programmes (21days duration) for technical staff of JNKVV. The details of training is as follows:

Schedule of
Training (21 days)

No. of participants

















Revenue generated Rs. 10,400/-@ Rs 200/- per participant as registration fee


  • To train the participants about computer application.
  • To train the participants to communicate effectively through computer.
  • To develop the skills in making good graphic design.
  • To strengthen the technical proficiency of the personnel.
  • To strengthen the presentation through computer technology.

Topic Covered

  • Fundamentals of computer
  • Window operating system
  • Internet and E-mail
  • Application Software
  • Micro soft word.
  • Power point
  • Excel
  • E-Agro-tech Software

Computer Training Programme