Sponsored Project
List of externally funded sanctioned project over last five years:-

Year 2012-13

Project title Year Source of funding Amount
(Rs. in lakhs)
Maximization of soybean cultivation in Madhya Pradesh 2012-13 Japan International Cooperation Agency 77.60
CSS on Developing guidelines for conduct of DUS test in small millets 2012-13 Govt. of India 12.74
Baseline survey of flora and fauna around atomic power plant at Chutka (BARC) 2012-13 BARC Govt. of India 24.55
Effective utilization and popularization of Gypsum as source of nutrient in different crops of Vidisha district of Madhya Pradesh 2012-13 Private Agency
(FCI, Arawali Gypsum Mineral India Limited, Jodhpur)
Development of farm equipments and machinery testing, training and demonstration facility at JNKVV. Jabalpur 2012-13 Govt. of India (RKVY) 490.00
Collection, evaluation and utilization of elite lines of wheat from different parts of MP 2012-13 Govt. of Madhya Pradesh (MPCoST) 7.82
Metabolic and molecular profiling of aromatic rice germplasm of India for gaining insights about aroma (DBT) 2012-13 Govt. of India
Dept. of Bio-tech
Strengthening of instructional infrastructure, demonstration of technologies and knowledge and skill up gradation of farmers and farmwomen in tribal districts of Madhya Pradesh 2012-13 ICAR, New Delhi 26.72
Renovation of existing Adhartal Tank for improving irrigation facilities of research farms 2012-13 Govt. of MP
MP State Agriculture Marketing Board (Mandi Board)
Centre for academic in Agribusiness Management  2012-13 Govt. of MP
Mandi Board
Setting up  a DNA finger printing laboratory at JNKVV Jabalpur 2012-13 Govt. of MP
Mandi Board
Establishment of seed and sapling production Centre at Amarpatan 2012-13 Govt. of MP
Mandi Board
    Total 1482.31

Year 2013-14

Project title Year Source of funding Amount
(Rs. in lakhs)
Market intelligence (ICAR) 2013-14 Indian Council of Agril. Research, New Delhi 35.94
Maximization of soybean cultivation in Madhya Pradesh 2013-14 Japan International Cooperation Agency, Japan 59.51
Evaluation and utility of direct application of Gypsum  and its mixture with low grade rock phosphate, feldspar, vermi compost, poultry manure and cow dung in different crops of Vindhya Plateau of Madhya Pradesh 2013-14 Dy. General Manager (Tech.) FAGMIL, Jodhpur (Raj.) 13.593
Metagenomic analysis of the 1-Aminocylopropane-I-Carboxylate Deaminase gene (AcdS) diversity of rhizospheric and endophytic bacterial population associate with wheat 2013-14 Govt. of India-DST 24.50
Development of an improved seed drill chock indicator 2013-14 DBT, Govt. of India 18.38
Human Resources & Skill Development in Medicinal Plants through facilitation centre. (NMPB, Govt. of India) 2013-14 National Medicinal Plant Board,
Govt. of India
Exploration, collection and characterization of lentil germplasm in Madhya Pradesh (ICARDA) 2013-14 ICARDA, Morocco 6.30
Dissemination of Cost effective integrated Pest Management (IPM) Technology under FTTF 2013-14 NABARD,
Govt. of India
Survey, collection and conservation of wild and traditional agricultural cultivars of Vindhya Plateau of MP 2013-14 MP Biodiversity Board,
Govt. of MP
Pilot study for estimation of seed, feed and wastage ratios of major food grains in Madhya Pradesh 2013-14 ICAR, New Delhi 7.14
    Total 205.33

Year 2014-15

Project title Year Source of funding Amount
(Rs. in lakhs)
Genetic improvement of non  toxic Jatropha varieties for bio-fuels and animal feeds 2014-15 DARE World Agro Forestry  Centre (ICRAF) 6.12
Maximization of soybean cultivation in Madhya Pradesh 2014-15 JICA-Japan 72.52
Biotechnology Lab  Ke Unnayan ke Liye 2014-15 Mandi Board, Bhopal 200.00
Estt. of College of Agriculture, Waraseoni (Balaghat) 2014-15 Mandi Board, Bhopal 2391.00
Construction of Administrative Bock of JNKVV Jabalpur” 2014-15 Mandi Board, Bhopal 300.00
Shelf life enhancement of maize and small millets based food products prepared from local varieties of MP using Radiation process 2014-15 BARC, Govt. of India 23.815
Strengthening of Krishi Vigyan Kendra through Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna 2014-15 Ministry of Agriculture,
Govt. of India
Construction of Auditorium Hall in JNKVV University 2014-15 Mandi Board,
Studies on promotion of natraceutical small millets among the people of Madhya Pradesh for food and nutritional security 2014-15 MP State Biodiversity Board, Bhopal 9.935
Conservation through rejuvenation of old mango orchards in Rewa (M.P.) 2014-15 MP State Biodiversity
Board, Bhopal
Measurement of vegetation and biomass parameters under vegetation carbon pool assessment (VCP) 2014-15 NRSC-ISRO
Balanagar, Hyderabad
Promotion of low cost precision farming technologies for diversification of livelihood option and poverty alleviation among small and marginal farmers 2014-15 NABARD, Bhopal 8.31
“Web enable weather based decision support system for forewarning and management of important pest-diseases of soybean and chickpea in Bundelkhand zone of MP 2014-15 Govt. of India 25.804
Molecular characterization of new plant types (NPTs) of rice 2014-15 MPCoST,
Low cost processing technology for bio-ethanol production from  waste potatoes using different microorganisms 2014-15 MPCoST,
Collection, isolation, patho-genecity evaluation and molecular characterization of Microphomina phaseolina causing charcoal rot of soybean 2014-15 MPCoST,
Impact of water stress on secondary metabolites production of medicinal plants used as memory enhancer 2014-15 MPCoST,
    Total 4439.841

Year 2015-16

Project title Year Source of funding Amount
(Rs. in lakhs)
Maximization of soybean cultivation in Madhya Pradesh 2015-16 JICA-Japan 74.15
Strengthening of communication and knowledge management centre for farmers and stake holders 2015-16 RKVY,
Govt. of India
Establishment of Phyto-Sanitary Lab. At JNKVV, Jabalpur
Part-A - Post Entry Quarantine Laboratory at JNKVV, Jabalpur
Part-B- Establishment of Pesticide Residue Analysis Laboratory
2015-16 RKVY,
Govt. of India
Through Dept. of FW&AD, Bhopal
Integrated farming system for improvement of nutritional and livelihood of farmwomen under different ecosystems 2015-16 ICAR-CIWA, Bhubaneswar 14.30
Collection and evaluation of elite local landraces  of maize for successful commercial breeding advancement program in Madhya Pradesh 2015-16 MP Council of Science & Tech., Bhopal 3.68
CRP on Hybrid Technology on wheat 2015-16 ICAR, New Delhi 17.60
CRP on Hybrid Technology on Rice 2015-16 ICAR, New Delhi 18.10
PGR management and use of sesame component – I (Characterization, regeneration, distribution and documentation) 2015-16 NBPGR (ICAR), New Delhi 6.00
P-403 CRP on Agro-biodiversity PGR II            2015-16 NBPGR (ICAR), New Delhi 2.00
P-406 Extra Mural Project on Exploiting Wild Gene Pool Through Pre-Breeding For Introgression Of Yellow Mosaic Disease Resistance In Soybean-Jabalpur 2015-16 ICAR, New Delhi 0.59
P-428:  Shuttle Breeding for Developing Wheat Genotypes of warmer areas, Powarkheda 2015-16 IIWBR (ICAR), Karnal 1.66
P-429  Shuttle Breeding for Developing Wheat Genotypes of warmer areas, Jabalpur 2015-16 IIWBR (ICAR), Karnal 1.66
P-430 NICRA - Phenotyping and genetics enhancement for tolerance to prioritized abiotic and biotic stress in wheat 2015-16 IIWBR (ICAR), Karnal (Haryana) 9.60
P-431 Biotic stress in wheat under changing climate scenario 2015-16 IIWBR (ICAR),  Karnal 13.00
P-433  Tribal sub plan (TSP) IIWBR-AICW  and BJP 2015-16 IIWBR (ICAR),  Karnal 3.50
Strengthening of infrastructure facilities for enhancing hybrid rice parental lines production at JNKVV. Farms – Jabalpur 2015-16 RKVY, Govt. of India 143.76
Strengthening of infra-structure facilities of Tikamgarh Farm for enhancing Breeder Seed Production of Soybean and wheat, 2015-16 RKVY, Govt. of India 213.92
Strengthening of infrastructure facilities for enhancing Breeder Seed Production of parental lines of early maturing maize hybrids at JNKVV farm Chhindwara 2015-16 RKVY, Govt. of India 125.11
Strengthening production of Bio-agents (Microbial insecticides) and their promotion 2015-16 RKVY, Govt. of India 175.96
    Total 2088.64

Year 2016-17

Project title Year Source of funding Amount
(Rs. in lakhs)
Enhancing area under direct seeded rice for conserving natural resources in Eastern Madhya Pradesh 2016-17 PI Industries Limited,  Gurgaon  (Haryana)
Private agency
  Baseline on study on demographic and health pattern  in and around the proposed Atomic Power Plant at Chutka 2016-17 BRNS,
Govt. of India
Rs. 32.62
National Initiative for setting up Design Innovation Centre (DIC) 2016-17 MoHRD,
Govt. of India
Seed Hubs for increase indigenous production of pulses in India 2016-17 Indian Institute of Pulses Research, Kalyanpur, Kanpur 150.00
Enhancing breeder seed production for increasing indigenous production of pluses in India 2016-17 Govt. of India (NFSM) 190.00
Field evaluation of Trombay mutants selections and research activities in Agriculture 2016-17 BARC - Govt. of India 50.00
Characterization of Security Paper Mill effluent and assessment of its impact on Soil properties 2016-17 Security Paper Mills, Hoshangabad
(Govt. of India undertaking)
Strengthening of bio-fertilizer and bio-control agent production unit at JNKVV. Jabalpur 2016-17 The Director, Indian Institute of Pulses Res., Kalyanpur, Kanpur 98.00
Medicinal plants promotion in Tribal communities of Madhya Pradesh through Developing value Chain 2016-17 Min. of Science & Technology,
Govt. of India
    Total 648.822

Year 2017-18

Project title Year Source of funding Amount
(Rs. in lakhs)
Development of Model Farms of Enhancing the Breeder Seed Production at JNKVV Farms 2017-18 Govt. of India
(under RKVY)
Strengthening of Crop Quality Analysis and Food Product Testing Laboratory 2017-18 Govt. of India
(under RKVY)
Capacity building programme on Agri-Business opportunities for Farmers Producer 2017-18 Govt. of India
(under RKVY)
Module for medium term conservation of germplasm 2017-18 Govt. of India
(under RKVY)
JNKVV Research Chair in Agricultural Economics 2017-18 State Planning Commission, Govt. of MP, Bhopal  109.96
Technology advancement and assessment for rapeseed-mustard production in rice fallow areas of Eastern India 2017-18 Min. of Agri. & Farmers Welfare (Oilseeds Div.)
Govt .of India,
New Delhi
    Total 515.77