Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE) and Forestry Work Experience (FWE)

Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE) and Forestry Work Experience (FWE) are the important competence and confidence building programmes introduced in all the agricultural universities in India. The students of agriculture are learning well on basic and applied issues of science and technology. However, they do not possess adequate self-confidence in starting their own commercial farming. In view of the fact, Randhawa Committee was constituted in 1992 and recommended the Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE) Programme for imparting quality and practical oriented education for productive agriculture degree programme (www.icar.org) to prepare the agricultural graduates for better career in agriculture or agribusiness. Practical hands-on training during higher education is helpful for self-employment.

The programme is run for effective work experience of rural agriculture for student of the final year, for one semester by active participation in the field to review and analyze the work experience critically, understand rural community life, familiarize with the socio-economic conditions of farmers and to draw useful conclusions implemented in actual practical life under field situation. The programme is encouraged by providing financial support from ICAR and State Government.

Staying with farm families in a village provides a real touch of rural atmosphere, so that the students plan their career accordingly. It plays an important role especially for the students with urban background in understanding the real farm-world situation with agricultural practices. This experiential system in agricultural education has a strong potential to prepare a better agricultural technocrats with high level of skill in combination with the modern outlook and management capacity. RAWE is considered as one of the best means to produce well trained agricultural graduates having broad based knowledge combating and techniques.

Students Participated under RAWE Programme (year wise)

Year No. of students participated
2001-02 466
2002-03 279
2003-04 395
2004-05 506
2005-06 412
2006-07 451
2007-08 477
2008-09 493
2009-10 219
2010-11 254
2011-12 257
2012-13 267
2013-14 256
2014-15 245