Experiential Learning Programmes (ELP)

Experiential Learning Programmes (ELP)

Experiential learning programme has been introduced at Bachelor degree  with the specific objective of learning by hands-on participation, by trying, making errors, and gradually narrowing the margin between failure and success. Work-based experiential learning through agricultural-related supervised experiences provide practical, real-world experiences in agriculture, develop a positive work ethic, and meet realistic occupational expectations.

During X Plan, ICAR has sponsored a scheme on experiential learning that involves setting up of instructional farms for production (crop, animal and fish) agronomy, model plants for food processing and value addition for product diversification and engineering workshops for manufacturing, operation and maintenance of farm machinery and equipment. The aim of the scheme is to involve student for learning in the environment of experimental farms, model plants and engineering workshops. It inspires greater confidence, competitiveness and competence among students to meet needs of private sector and to undertake self-employment in vocations of their choice.

Experiential learning modules namely plant tissue culture, mass production of bio-agents and bio-pesticides, hi-tech horticulture, fruits & vegetable processing, visual & graphic communication, Agri Business Management and Crop Production (organic farming), of one semester duration are offered by the University and the student may choose any one. One time grant from the ICAR for basic infrastructure facility to run the self-sustainable experiential learning module in every agricultural university has been provided. Inter University exchange programme of students for better exposure during experiential learning is considered. At Bachelors degree programme an advisor apart from the class advisor is assigned to every student that provides guidance in academic and personal matters. Advisor monitors and maintains advisee's academic performance in the right direction.

Experiential Learning Unit sanctioned by the ICAR

S. No.  Name of Experiential Learning Unit  Departments / College  Year of sanction 
1 Fruits & Vegetable Processing  Agricultural Engineering (PHT), Jabalpur  2006-07
2 Plant Tissue Culture  Biotechnology, JNKVV, Jabalpur  2006-07
3 Mass Production of Bioagents & Bio-pesticides Department of Entomology, College of Agriculture, Jabalpur  2008-09
4 Visual and Graphic Communication  Department of Extension Education, College of Agriculture, Jabalpur  2011-12
5 Commercial Horticulture  Department of Horticulture, College of Agriculture, Jabalpur  2011-12
6 Protected Cultivation of High Valued Horticulture Crops  Department of Horticulture, College of Agriculture, Rewa 2012-13
7 Nursery Management of Horticultural Crops Department of Horticulture, College of Agriculture, Tikamgarh 2012-13
8 Organic Farming Products Unit Department of Agronomy, College of Agriculture, Jabalpur  2013-14
9 Seed Production & Technology Department of Plant Breeding, College of Agriculture, Ganj Basoda 2013-14

Implementation of Experiential Learning Modules at different Colleges of Agriculture:-

All Seven Modules will run at College of Agriculture, Jabalpur, only 03 Modules namely Crop Production, Crop Protection & Horticulture will run at College of Agriculture, Rewa, Tikamgarh, Ganj Basoda & Waraseoni.

Sr. No. Modules Jabalpur Rewa Tikamgarh Ganj Basoda Waraseoni
1. Crop Production Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2. Crop Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3. Horticulture Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
4. Post Harvest Technology & Value Addition Yes - - - -
5. Agri. Business Management Yes - - - -
6. Social Science Yes - - - -
7. Basic Science Yes - - - -