Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Umaria

About Us

welcome to Krishi Vigyan Kendra Umaria K.V.K. Umaria has started during 2007. It is located under Agro climatic Zone III i.e. northern Hills Zone of Chhattisgarh and popularly is known for Badhavgarh National Park. Topography of this Distt. is hilly and undulated. The geographical area of distt is four lac fifty thousand ha out of which 53% area covered by forest and 24% covered by cultivable land . The remaining area (8 %) of waste land . It is a tribal distt. and have 48.20% scheduled tribes out of the total population (4.33 lac). Major soils of the distt are red and yellow (50%) followed by sandy soils (26%) and Red mix black(24%). Average rainfall is 1374mm. Major cereal crops of the distt. are Paddy (44000 ha) followed by Maize (40600 ha) and minor millets (18800 ha) of kharif and Wheat (26200 ha) in rabi. Major pulse crops are pigeon pea (5100 ha) and Urd (3000 ha) in Kharif while Gram (5900 ha) and lentil (5300 ha) of Rabi. Major oilseed namely sesame ( 2400ha) and linseed (3700 ha) are also grown but Mustard (7500 ha) and soybean (50 ha ) crops are the new introduction . Major fruit crops are Mango, Guava , Aonla and custard apple in vegetable crops Tomato, Potato Brinjal, Chilli are grown (Area 684 ha) . The fertilizer consumption of the distt is too low (NPK- 21.8:15.5:1.32 kgha) i.e. total 39.02 kgha and seed substitution rate is 3.27%. The irrigation facility is only in 18% area .The crop intensity is 129%.

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