Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Narsinghpur

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Krishi Vigyan Kendra Narsinghpur has been established in the year 2004.It comes under Agro Climatic Zone VI Central Narmada Valley. It has six blocks and five tehsils. Soil Type of the District is Medium Black Soil. Geographical Area of district Narsinghpur is 513651 ha, Net Sown Area 308785 ha., Area Under Forest 136207 ha.,Fallow Land 9200 ha., wast Land 14600 ha., Irrigated Land 198347 ha., Area Under Kharif Crops 115878 ha.,Area Under Rabi Crops 263932 ha.,Cropping Intensity 137.48 %. Total Population of district is 1092141. Impact of KVK: (a) Package of improved practices of pulseoil seed crops (i.e .Varietal, INM,IPM,IDM proper spacing practices) provided adopted technology in 30% area of the district,on average yield incease 4-6 qtlha (additional income Rs 10,000- per ha) and overall monitory gain 70.5 crore annually. (b) Technology provided to control top shoot borer(cabofuran30kgha)and pyrilla(Malathion500 mlha)along with other IPM practices in sugarcane. Technology adopted by more than 40% farmers and gain 3-5 tonne additional yieldha with Rs 6000-10000- net incomeha . (c) Farmers motivated for balance nutrient application including Zinc Sulphur specially on soil test basis. More than 5% of the farmers(5000 farmers) using soil test basis nutrient application. (d) Under the women Empowerment programme 110 women trained for Sewing and embroidery Handicraft items out of which 13 women started their own centre and working as master trainer.

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