Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Shahdol

Krishi Vigyan Kendra Shahdol, Kalyanpur, P.O.-Bhui Bandh, Shahdol (MP). Pin - 484001
About Us

Establishment of KVK Shahdol: 1994 Since inception of KVK conducted 66 OFTs (708 farmers), 113 FLDs (1000 farmers) and 892 training programmes (20040 farmers) in the District. Major crops in Kharif is Paddy followed by Maize, Soybean, Urd and in Rabi Wheat, Gram Mustard etc are the major crops. Under paddy cultivation total area is 1.47 lakh ha and average yield of paddy is 13 qtha. KVK Shahdol started SRI in 2007 with 8 ha and 10 farmers. Today (2010) total area under SRI is 12000 ha with, and crop production has increased double. KVK Shahdol has designed and developed a Farm Implement “Jawahar Paddy Plant Marker” for SRI. In Soybean KVK Shahdol introduced several new varieties of Soybean JS 75-46, JS-335,JS 95-60, and JS 97-52, in Gram JG-315, JG-130, Vijay, JG-11 and in Urd JU-3, PDU-1, PU-19, PU-35 etc.KVK Shahdol introduced Soybean in year 95-96 with variety JS 75-46. Before 95-96 area under Soybean was only 3479 ha and average yield was 5.26 qtha, after replacement of varieties and other technologies, the area has increased to nearly 7000 ha and present level of productivity is 11qtha. In Urd, YMV was the major problem for Urd cultivation theeby the area was decreasing year after year. KVK has conducted different trainings and educate the farmers in details about different diseases and its pest control measures. KVK introduced new variety PU-4 in the district. Cultivation area of Urd has increased from 17115ha to 20000 ha and productivity 2.2 qtha to 2.8 qtha.

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